Current Charity Events
There are two groups that we can begin immediately planning service for.
  • Candlelight Ranch
Candlelight Ranch provides therapeutic and educational nature-based experiences to enrich the lives of at-risk youth, children with disabilities and their families. Save the dates of 10/27 and 10/28.  The Ranch will be training those volunteers that want to help with the zip lines that they use year-round as a component of their activities.  Please mark the date on your calendars as there is a 2.5-hour training BOTH days that will qualify you to help at the Ranch the entire year.  We will combine our service on the zip lines with other property services once the weather gets cooler.  They don’t want to lose any Rotarians to heat stroke working in temps of 100+ of the summer.
  • Clothes Closet For Homeless Men of Austin (Group within Front Steps) and are affiliated with the Austin Resource Center for the homeless.
    • This group provides clothes to our homeless male community.  The clothes need to be in good shape, no paint or spaghetti stains etc.).  The group delivers clothes 2 days a week and have served 23,000 homeless men in our community with clothes to help them get a step up on finding a job and dressing to get back into the workforce.
    • Male Rotarians look in your closets.  What work clothes don’t you wear anymore?  Do you have old sports coats that no longer fit?  What about dress shoes that you find have dust on them? 
    • Female Rotarians look in your partner’s closet.  What work clothes do you hate for your partner to put on?  Are their sports coats that your partner thinks will fit someday but you know differently?
    • Do you have the time to help serve on Monday mornings from 7:30-10:30 am?
We will be getting a barrel of some sort to collect these clothes and shoes at meetings.  Let’s start NOW!
We are meeting on Fridays from 4-5 pm to continue our planning efforts on our first fund raiser of the new year.  The fund raiser will be to support Hill Country Ministries Food Panty & Clothes Resource Center and scholarships for our local youth educational programs.  We need YOU and YOUR participation in the planning and execution of this event.  While there will be many jobs available on the day of the event, there are even more available for the preparation.  I urge you to attend these meetings and be part of the planning process.